LKI Consulting founder featured on notable business newspaper

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The opinion piece of Laura K. Inamedinova, the founder of LKI Consulting was published in Verslo Žinios, the main newspaper of business and finance in Lithuania.

There, Miss Inamedinova reviews the main aspects of the communication of ICO. According to a young entrepreneur and communications expert, there are two different sides of appropriate communication of crypto projects. On one hand, such features as a well-developed whitepaper or a high-quality website are essential; however, they are not difficult to prepare in advance. The real potential of project can be regarded exceptionally during the direct communication, exercised by the representatives.

“Whilst witnessing the live reaction to negative comments or inconvenient questions, it is easy to decide whether you should invest or not. Also, it is important to notice whether exact numbers and data are mentioned, or representatives are talking vaguely and trying to avoid direct questions,” – claims Miss Inamedinova.

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