LKI Consulting founder invited to participate in the podcast of Stories in Business


Last week, Laura K. Inamedinova, the founder of LKI Consulting participated in the podcast of Stories in Business. This project is organized by Tom Wickstead and covering the success stories of entrepreneurs and start-ups. Amongst past interviewees, such influential figures as Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media or Scott Walker, the founder and host of Amazing Seller, a top-ranked business show.

During the podcast, the background of Miss Inamedinova was discussed, providing an interesting fact that she has a degree in Physics, but eventually shifted to business and marketing. In addition, the story of personal branding of LKI Consulting from scratch was discussed, highlighting the strategies which were applied in order to gain the audience. She also provided some universal tips of marketing and communication which would be useful for every business or project. Finally, a new focus area of Miss Inamedinova was revealed: besides tech marketing-related activities, she is also interested in business coaching.

Full podcast can be found there: