LKI Consulting announces the partnership with Hautica

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LKI Consulting, a communications and marketing services company is happy to announce the mutual collaboration with Hautica, a firm focusing on printing and design. LKI Consulting will advise Hautica regarding their business strategy and will create a business plan for them.

People love to be original and exceptional. One of the best ways to show it comes through appearance and style. Unique prints or statements on clothing, phone cases, posters or other related items are becoming more and more popular way to express very own views and beliefs or to simply show personal hobbies and interests.

However, there are many independent creators and designers in the market. Creating a unified platform for all of them would not only be convenient for potential customer, but also beneficial for creators in terms of reach and profit. Therefore, the cooperation with genuine experts of communication, should be helpful in terms of expanding the scope of  their services.

About LKI Consulting: LKI Consulting is an international marketing, PR and communications company that is focusing on tech projects.

More information about Hautica: